April 26, 2022
Nervous Nigel
Find out how CBD can help you get ready and destress before that hot date.

How to beat those first date jitters with CBD oil

Date jitters, date shmitters! No need to torture yourself with those nervous feelings. In this article, we’re going to show you why CBD is the perfect remedy to chill out and put your best foot forward.

Friday night, date night!

We see you, tiger. You’re lookin’ like the full meal. If only they served 5 courses like you in every fine dining establishment. Anyone would be dying to meet you, hot stuff.

But, sometimes we just don’t see ourselves that way through our own eyes.

Not to worry. Dates can be nerve wracking. We know! We’ve been on tons of them. Sometimes you just can’t stop yourself from feeling weird and jittery, even when you know your date is just going to love you and you’re both going to have an amazing time.

So how do you beat the butterflies before seeing your beloved beau or babe?

We gotchu.

It’s with CBD oil, of course!

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the thing found in marijuana that’s full of benefits, including keeping you as sober as a judge. (You don’t want to show up intoxicated on a pretty important date, do you?) It’s great for the mind and body, and can even uplift your spirits, all the while helping you to destress, relieve pain, get a better night’s sleep.

How can CBD help me get ready for my date?

Well first thing’s first: when you’ve got the jitters, you can’t let it get the better of you. So if getting a handle on your nerves can be a bit difficult, CBD oil is just the thing for that.

One of the major benefits of CBD oil is that it naturally has anti-anxiety properties that can help you calm down, relax your mind, and feel much more confident. It’s been used to treat a variety of disorders like depression, OCD, and PTSD with good success, so keeping those invasive, rattling thoughts out of your head will be a piece of cake. This way you can focus on your date and staying present instead of focusing on whether you’re accidentally using the salad fork for steak – oops.

Anti-anxiety also means higher positivity! Keeping those nervous feelings away will help you calm down and also raise your energy levels, which can only positively impact your date. Being present and invested in the stirring conversation without worry and with a clear head can improve your confidence and charm – and your date will pick up on that!

CBD can also intensify your senses, giving you the dawdling feeling of being chill and alert at the same time. While your thoughts and nerves will be controlled, you might notice feeling more present in the moment, which means increased mental, physical, and emotional stability. How about that?

Is the date getting steamy?

Good for you both. 😉

CBD can be used in the bedroom, too. Applied topically, CBD oil can be used for massages, which dilate your blood vessels so fresh, oxygenated blood can flow throughout your body. All of this can also mean increased sensuality and stimulation. Oh, lala!

And don’t forget! Be your amazing, charming self, dress to impress, stay humble, focus on your date, always get consent, and of course, if you feel nervous, you know just what to do.

You got this! ‘Cus you a baddy. You somebody’s boo thang.

Stay someone’s chilled out boo thang with our range of favorite CBD oils to keep you relaxed and totally confident:

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