Whether you are an influencer who wants to join our affiliate program, a new business looking to expand into international markets or even for wholesale pricing information, send us an email, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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best buds
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About Us

Best Buds was born in Australia, but we are an international family with no borders! We welcome all, and cater to anyone who is interested in CBD & Hemp products and especially to those who want to learn more. Our companies come from all walks of life, so there is definitely going to be something for you on our platform!

Our Services

Here's what we provide for our customers and businesses

Quality Assurance

Ensure that customers are receiving vetted and QA approved products.

Grow Businesses

We help CBD and Hemp companies enter international markets.

Wholesale Products

Providing businesses with the best wholesale prices.


Email: contact@best-buds.co
PO Box R1299 Royal Exchange NSW 1225
OPEN 24/7

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