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How can CBD coffee keep your head level through a stressful day at work?

Coffee has become a necessary staple in just about everyone’s life – personal and professional.


More than anything, it jolts you up out of bed to get started on your day – especially when you know you’re going to have a long day at work.


A cup of java is packed with all sorts of benefits, from preventing illnesses like heart disease and Parkinson’s to giving you your daily dose of antioxidants to keep your body from prematurely aging. The smell of coffee even has anti-anxiety properties that help to calm the mind as it gears you up for a hefty day ahead.


But how can you improve on something that already works so well?


Well, coffee might be our go-to in the morning, or even as an after-dinner treat – but it can sometimes have its pitfalls. You’ve probably felt the uncomfortable jitters that increase your heart rate and blood pressure, the upset stomach that leaves you feeling more stressed than energized, and the total excess of anxious thoughts running around your mind when you’re charged up!


It almost sounds worse than your early morning budget meeting with the boss.


That’s why CBD is here to give coffee a helping hand…


CBD, or cannabidiol, has been proven to work very well with coffee. It’s the naturally occurring chemical found in marijuana that’s non-intoxicating and loaded with numerous benefits that can help your mind as well as your body.


It works well for just about everyone, it’s legal just about everywhere, it comes in multiple forms so you can choose the one you like best, and whether you want it to or not, can help you with problems you might not have known you had.


So how can CBD coffee get you through that killer office morning?


It Alleviates Stress & Anxiety


First and foremost, the best way to get through a stressful day at work is to keep those nervous thoughts away. CBD reduces the acute increase of your heart rate and blood pressure when faced with a stressful experience (or even just drinking some coffee!) by maintaining both to manageable levels.


CBD has even been used to treat a whole load of debilitating disorders, including OCD, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. It’s fantastic for people with insomnia, too! CBD’s anti-anxiety properties calm the mind and relax the body – perfect for when you’re dealing with high-power pitches.


It Reduces Pain


Working 9-5 can have a serious strain on your body. If you’re someone who sits at their desk most of the day, you’re more likely to suffer from arthritis and other debilitating conditions as a result of your working life.


CBD is anti-inflammatory so all of the additional stress on your neck, knees and back will be gone in no time. You won’t have to hunch over your laptop grasping at those joints that hurt – CBD will relieve that tension so that your brain is relaxed and your body is pain-free.


It Keeps You At Your Best


The benefits to CBD are endless. It’s great for sleep, muscle recovery and regeneration, dealing with joint pain, reducing seizures – and it even helps with nausea!


There are plenty of advantages when it comes to CBD, and mixing it with your coffee is a great place to start. You’ll feel more focused, less stressed, and much more relaxed. Consider adding it to your daily routine and you might just feel like you’re walking on cloud 9.


Considering the combined benefits of CBD and coffee, introducing your new cup of java to your daily routine doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea. With a far more relaxed mind, there’s more room to stay concentrated on that project that’s due tomorrow!


What’s a great cup of java without the good stuff?


Shopping for something that will work can be annoying. That’s why we’ve made a list of some of the products we swear by to make that morning cup of Joe just something out of this world.


  • CBD Coffee (Different Flavours) – Elev8hemp
  • CBD Tea (Different Flavours) – CBD Living


Now how about that? Waking up might not be so bad anymore.


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