May 7, 2022
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Find out the benefits of CBD energy drinks and how they can help you power through your day better than your standard energy drink.

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How are CBD energy drinks better than a can of Monster?

Standard energy drinks like Monster and 5 Hour Energy are bad for you. But there is a way out. In this article, we’re going to show you why CBD is awesome and how it can take your love for energy drinks to the next level – in a healthy, loving-yourself kind of way.


CBD! It can be infused, baked, and put in just about anything – even energy drinks!


Regular energy drinks are filled with all sorts of different stimulants that, unfortunately, are kinda terrible for you.


From exorbitant amounts of caffeine, sugar, and something called taurine, which has been proven to help with athletic performance and mental alertness, there’s all sorts of stuff thrown in there that you probably shouldn’t be ingesting, in any amount of quantities!


Most regular energy drinks contain about 25 up to 40mg of sugar, which is how much sugar is in a full size chocolate bar! This amount of sugar drastically increases your calorie count, making you gain weight faster, but also just straight up destroys your teeth, making your visits to your (least) favourite doctor more frequent, but also negatively impacts your blood sugar, cholesterol, and energy levels.


Regular energy drinks also raise your risk of heart disease, they can raise your anxiety, as well as insomnia.


All of that kinda… sucks.


Fear not! For we have something that can give you the energy you’re looking for, all without ruining your health and your day (goodbye, nervous jitters).


CBD energy drinks are, in comparison, exponentially better for you in the way that the ingredients have been so thoughtfully arranged that the tonic brewed from these magic components lower anxiety, keep you wide awake, and are actually good for you. Imagine that!


While CBD energy drinks also contain caffeine, sugar, and taurine, they contain far less sugar than your standard energy drink, with exactly the amount of caffeine as in a cup of coffee. (For you non-coffee-drinkers, this might be a life saver!) There’s also the added bonus of vitamin Bs in many CBD energy drinks, which is just what your body needs to help convert food into energy, so you can keep going all day!


So what’re the benefits of CBD in these drinks?


Well, firstly – CBD is the non-intoxicating substance found in marijuana that is responsible for a lot of the good benefits you can get from the good stuff. This all includes anti-anxiety, anti-insomnia, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-all-the-bad-stuff-in-everything you can really get!


Primarily, CBD is responsible for the calming sensation you get when you smoke marijuana, all without the high. Cannabidiol is fantastic for helping you release all your stresses and melt those worries away. It has been a proven alternative treatment for a variety of disorders, like depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD, and helps to relax the mind as well as the body. This also means no more caffeine jitters, which anyone can easily get from drinking a cup of coffee, tea, and especially energy drinks.


Who could want anything more?


CBD is also fantastic for sleep as it relaxes your mind and body enough to kick distressing thoughts, incessantly awake mind, and tense body right out of here. The crash you feel after other energy drinks? Say no more. They are gone – done and dusted, right outta the park. You can chill knowing you will sleep soundly after having a CBD energy drink.


Similarly, CBD is awesome for pain relief and inflammation. Since typical energy drinks can actually inflame your joints and decrease your immune response, CBD actually does quite the opposite. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, meaning any pain you may feel from aches to stings you can kiss goodbye. CBD relaxes your muscles and joints and even promotes muscle regeneration in people with muscle dystrophy or just regular pain from the gym or work.


Pretty incredible, huh? Doesn’t that all sound really cool?


Well, why don’t you give some of our favorites a try then! Take a look for yourself at our stock and decide whether you’re part of Team CBD. These will help you not only get through your day but power through it, all with a smile on your face! We swear!




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