FIRST AID KITS: Downsize Your First-Aid Kit With CBD Oil

October 18, 2022
CBD Oil for Minor Injuries, Cuts & Scars —It Packs a Powerful Punch

CBD Works Wonders on Cuts, Burns, and Scars

Petroleum jelly. Aloe Vera ointment. OTC painkillers. More bandages and non-stick gauze strips that you can count. Your home and travel First-Aid kit are so jam-packed with this stuff, you can barely close the lid on them. If you have kids, these goodies are all doubled up because they need to be kid-friendly (plus, kids are the worst when it comes to falling flat on their faces). Well, to help you downsize your First-Aid kit, we spoke to a camping champion (and a father of three kids) . His suggestion? Start using CBD oil  for cuts, scrapes, and scars, and your First-Aid kit will be easier to handle .

When I was a kid, my dad often took me and my brothers out camping.

I loved every minute of it.

These days, I take my kids out in the woods (almost) every weekend.

Two boys. One girl. All super clumsy.

Don’t get me wrong — I love them to bits, but they fall down more often than it rains here in Oregon, USA (and it rains a lot).

You know how it is, right?

You pick them up, dust them off, and bandage what needs bandaging.

Archaic First Aid Kits vs CBD First Aid Kits

In the olden days, I used to carry Neosporin, B&W ointment, Medihoney — a whole bunch of stuff — in my backpack. That’s a whole lot better than what my dad used to do if we ever had a minor accident while camping. (A piece of cloth for sprains and duct tape for scrapes and cuts).

But… even when I was super careful about what I take, half of my backpack was always devoted to creams, ointments, and other emergency tidbits.

That is until I discovered the power of cannabidiol (CBD). I’m telling you, this hemp-derived cannabinoid saved me from carrying thousands of pounds of unnecessary First-Aid supplies up and down a mountain over the years. Cannabidiol suppresses inflammation ; it’s a bactericide (so it kills bacteria), and it speeds up skin healing. If your days (like mine) are seemingly filled with dealing with cuts, scrapes, and burns, CBD oil is a life-saver.


So what makes CBD oil such a powerful skin healing treatment.

If you’re now like I was three years ago, you have no idea about the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoid receptors, or the beneficial properties of CBD.

That’s cool — I didn’t either.

But back then (and now especially), CBD was everywhere. So I sat down and dug deep into available CBD studies for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to use CBD for scrapes, bruises, and burns on my kids’ skin, not my own. Like every parent in the world, I wanted to make sure this stuff is both effective and safe.
  2. When I told my wife about my First-Aid CBD idea, she accused me of trying to drug the kids so that I could get out of our trips (false – I love our trips & CBD doesn’t act like that).


Since I already did the homework on how CBD helps to heal the skin faster, you now don’t have to. Here’s what my digging through the dusty tomes on PubMed uncovered.

5 Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Treatment of Minor Wounds, Burns & Scrapes

I’ll make an assumption here:
You’re not a huge fan of reading scientific research papers.

I’m not either. Scientists like to make stuff sound complicated. Luckily, my background in academia taught me how to look through the BS jargon to get to the information I need.
So that’s what I’m offering here — a layman’s guide to the effects of CBD on wounds, scars, and skin tissue in general.
(I’ve mostly translated the information into good, old plain-speak, with some explanations of jargon-y terms included. You’ll find a thoroughly more confusing vocabulary if you decide to read the studies that are linked in the text).

CBD helps wounds heal faster because the human endocannabinoid system stretches everywhere (including the dermis), stimulating CB receptors in the lower levels of the skin with CBD can speed up the healing process . This applies not only to cuts and scrapes but also to skin damage caused by eczema, dermatitis, acne, and similar.

CBD has potent antibacterial propertieswant to make sure that those scrapes and bumps don’t get infected with staphylococcus and streptococci? Apply CBD-infused topicals on them immediately. According to this study, CBD is a potent antibiotic that can minimize the risk of unwanted infections.

Anti-inflammatory properties of CBD hasten skin recovery inflammation makes your skin work overtime to heal itself. CBD’s strong anti-inflammatory properties reduce the response of epidermal cytokines (which cause inflammation). CBD also penetrates deep into the tissue (which is why it’s used for arthritis and joint inflammation).

CBD soothes bruised bones (and speeds up recovery)sprains are bad. But breaks are the worst. If you (or your kid) ever sustain a bone injury, opting for specific CBD oil treatments can shave weeks off of recovery. This study from 2015 concluded that CBD enhances fracture healing, and stimulates normal bone regrowth.

CBD oil is effective at reducing scarring CBD won’t make your scars disappear, especially the old ones. (I still have some from the 90ies that won’t budge). But, CBD-infused ointments, when used early and often, can reduce scar tissue and, in some cases, cause it to fade out so it’s no longer noticeable.

An important thing to mention here is that CBD has no apparent side-effects. Unlike many of the stuff that we usually jam into our First-Aid kit, CBD comes with no mile-long warning sheet. Ultimately, this is what convinced me to use CBD when I have to deal with minor injuries.

Do You Need an Actual CBD First-Aid Kit?

Nope, you don’t.

Quality CBD oil applied directly to a minor injury will do the trick.

So will CBD creams, ointments, and balms. In there’s plenty of good ones out there. For example, I used MedTerra’s CBD oil for quite some time because it served a dual purpose: I could apply it to my kids’ cuts and scrapes, and I could take it at night for better sleep.

But that was before I discovered the CBD first-aid mother lode — the CBD Essentials Kit from Cannaisseur Brands. Their awesome Deluxe Package includes everything from a CBD lip balm to a CBD pain patch. All I must do is throw in a few bandages and a pair of scissors, and my motley crew and I are ready for our trip into the wilderness. (Now, if only I could remember to throw in a bug repellent in there, I would be golden).


Need a better way to treat cuts, bruises, and scars?


CBD Essentials First-Aid Kit has your name all over it.


Yes, I Want an All-In-One CBD First Aid Kit (Click Here) 

Before I sign off, a word of warning.

Not all CBD products are created equal. I’ll stake my life on everything that I’ve mentioned here — I know it works because I’ve tried it out. But… the industry is still unregulated, and there are a lot of snake oil salesmen out there. When ordering your CBD treatment for minor injuries, make sure that the seller is transparent (and that their products have gone through 3rd-party certification).

Ready to half the weight of your backpack? Then ditch all those other OTCs and treatment, and pick up a bottle of CBD oil for wounds and scrapes. You’ll thank your lucky stars you did!

CBD oils and tinctures have an incredible effect on the skin. And, unlike other products that we use every day, they have ZERO side-effects. If you’re looking for a way to treat minor injuries and wounds, CBD is the way to go. With no psychoactive properties, these natural, hemp-derived products are completely safe for both adults and kids. If you’re ready to shop for your CBD skin treatment, you’re in the right place — at Best Buds, we only work with vetted, certified sellers.

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