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What benefits can your dog get from CBD?

CBD – it’s not just for humans!


Yes, you heard that right!


Did you know you can give your beloved four-legged friend CBD, too? And they can get some great benefits from taking it?


Dogs can have a little CBD, as a treat.

CBD is known as cannabidiol, which is one of the main ingredients found in marijuana that comes jam-packed full of benefits – both for people and animals. It’s non-psychoactive so it doesn’t get you high, and loads of places in the world are opening up to the idea of CBD and its benefits, so you can pretty much get it legally almost everywhere.


But first things first…


When using CBD for your puppy pal, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to your dog’s health. Make sure you are:


  • Using pet-specific CBD products
  • Giving CBD to your dog in small doses first
  • Talking to your vet about if CBD is good for your pup

CBD, like anything, depends on the person (or animal) it is being given to. Some people absolutely love CBD, and for most, it’s perfect! But sometimes it’s just something that doesn’t work for everyone – and we totally respect and understand that!


The same goes for your pet. Not everything made for pets is something that they’ll like. Your animal companion has a personality and colorful life of their own, so what one dog likes, another might not. Make sure to put your pup’s health first! If they don’t like chicken flavored kibble, there’s no need to keep feeding it to them, right?


But if your pup does like CBD, and we sure hope they do, here are some amazing benefits your fur baby can get from taking CBD.


While CBD is great for people in a variety of ways (like insomnia, anxiety, muscle recovery, and pain-relief, to name a few), dogs react a little differently to CBD and so their proven benefits are updating by the day. CBD’s even been proven to help with chronic pain your pet might have!


Anxiety and Depression

Talk about a slush puppy – your dog will be the chillest pup on the block!


CBD is great for anxiety and depression, because much like humans, dogs can have loads of mental and emotional disorders that just stress them out – and sometimes for no reason! That’s understandable.


Because CBD is a natural stress-reliever, giving a lil bit of it to your dog is sure to relax them and help them calm down. It’s known to work for people with PTSD to chill them out and melt their stresses away, and it works similarly on dogs!



CBD is an anti-inflammatory, so it’s perfect to use for pain and swelling. It targets any pain your pup might have by reducing inflammation in joints or muscles and alleviating any swelling that can come up due to chronic illness, surgery, or just age.

Skin Conditions

We love CBD skincare ‘cus it’s like a magic remedy for any issue! And, if you could believe, it’s also great for treating your four-legged friend’s skin problems too! It’s been used for acne, dermatitis, and even psoriasis!


Because CBD is anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving, that means it draws swelling and pain down from anywhere – and it’s also a great antioxidant. All of this means that all of the things that we ingest and breathe that’s not so good for us every day without even realizing, your dog does too. Using CBD will drastically reduce both the appearance and the severity of any skin condition.


There’s an incredible number of benefits your dog can get from CBD including relief from:


  • Nausea and digestion issues
  • Appetite loss
  • Symptoms from cancer
  • Seizures


What a way to spoil your canine companion, huh? We think so.


We’ve gathered a bunch of products we think you’ll love to get your pet started with CBD.


Easy does it!

James Mackay

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