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James Mackay


Water is the source of all life.


The only reason we’re on this planet is ‘cus of water.


It’s the only substance that can break down matter and allow it to move freely, dissolve, and establish chemical reactions between cells – all so life can reproduce.


Anyway, that’s enough science for one day…


In daily life, we use water for a whole load of stuff. Farming, bathing, cooking, drinking – the list goes on. It’s literally one of the only things in the world that has no drawbacks or disadvantages to ingesting (and let’s face it, they tell us everything is bad for you these days).


So… how can you make water better than it already is? Is that even possible?


Yes! It totally is!


Say hello to the best tag team duo… Water and CBD!


They work perfectly together to give your body all the benefits and nutrients it needs to stay healthy, elastic, and hydrated. In fact, CBD infused water can even keep you more refreshed and more hydrated than regular water can!


It’s like CBD infused water is a natural evolution of regular water. You gotta adapt to your surroundings, after all!


So, let’s deal with the basics. What actually is CBD?


CBD, or cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive substance found in Mary Jane that comes loaded with tons and tons of benefits for just about everything. It doesn’t get you high cus it doesn’t have THC – and it’s legal almost everywhere! It also comes in a variety of products, like oils, capsules, gummies, powders, and more.


CBD has been known for a crazy amount of benefits from cellular, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. It’s great for stress-relief, pain-relief, sleep and muscle regeneration!


Okay, but what’s CBD water?


It’s not just mixing water with CBD oil or anything – water and oil don’t really mix! But there are some companies dedicated to try to get these two to get along.


They make use of nanotechnology which means they break up the CBD oil into small, itty bitty particles to fuse it with clean, purified water so you can get the most benefit out of CBD water.


So, how can CBD water be better for me?


Great question!


The first thing we’re gonna bring up is absorption!


That’s right – like a sponge. It’s suspected that your body absorbs CBD better through water than through other methods since our bodies are 60% water. It’s all about something called (high) bioavailability.


All of which is fancy talk for how quickly, efficiently, and successfully your body absorbs CBD into your bloodstream. 🩸🧛

Be not afraid: Dracula’s got a new job as a door-to-door CBD salesman.


With this nanotechnology to fuse CBD and water together, the bioavailability is higher… Simply put, all of this work means you’ll get the most benefits out of CBD water as possible!


And some of the main benefits include…


Staying More Refreshed


Water already keeps you hydrated but CBD water helps you to relax and regenerate physically and mentally – all so your mind and body are totally clear and refreshed.


CBD is a natural alternative for stress-relief as it has anti-anxiety properties to keep those negative thoughts away and melt all the tension in your body away.


It’s a natural relaxant, so consuming a bit of CBD throughout the day that’s been infused with water will help keep you better hydrated and carefree.


Anti-Inflammatory for a Pain-Free Experience


CBD has anti-inflammatory properties as well – which means it keeps swelling and pain in your body far away. It’s been used to deal with pain from rheumatoid arthritis to seizures to alleviating muscle pain long after the gym, bro.


That means it also relaxes your body and eases it into a chill state, making you feel fresher, cleaner, and doper!


CBD also is fantastic for weight loss, insomnia and sleep, and so many more.


Doesn’t that sound like a great reason to keep drinking CBD water? We’d say so!


So what’re some great CBD water products I can check out?


We’re so glad you asked, ‘cus we have just that.



What better way to stay hydrated and chilled out, are we right?


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