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James Mackay



Have you ever read some reviews online and were just like “Damn, I wish I could talk to someone about this?”


Well now you actually can!


Budzone is an online community forum that’s a part of Best Buds so you can get your brain in the CBD game. 


Sometimes you really just need a couple of buds to set you straight on the right path. The journey may be long, traveler, but it doesn’t have to be hard. 


So what can ya do on Budzone?


What can’t you do?! You know the drill…


Confused about how to use a certain product? 🤔🛒


Want to join the testers crew?


Looking for an opportunity to have some informative discussions with fellow health nuts and CBD newbies? 👩‍🔬👨‍💻


We designed Budzone to be a place where you can meet like minded individuals who know everything (or are just starting to know some things!) about CBD and hemp where you can chat about stuff you might not be able to find anywhere else. Ooh, lala.


It’s a community space to make new friends and share tons and tons of info on CBD products you might be skeptical to try, hemp products you did try and need to tell the world about, or just ask some questions and get some answers (simple enough!). 


The best part is, anyone can join! 


If you’re interested, you’re in it!


Budzone is totally free, which is great because it goes along with a personal life motto: if it’s free it’s for me! 💰💰💰


You can sign up on your own or -when you purchase something off of Best Buds, you get an automatic subscription to Budzone all at once!


Whaddya say about that? Pretty cool, huh?


You won’t ever have to feel alone on this hemp journey. Whether you’re a level 100 expert, a casual CBD enjoyer, or a newbie just getting started, we’ve got your back.


After all, what’re Best Buds for? 😉

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