July 12, 2022
Find out if and how CBD is legal where you are and all over the world.

CBD: what we’re all about, what so many people have taken to using and loving, what’s been claimed to be the holy grail that can help and heal whatever ailment you may have… not only is it hot at the moment and gaining popularity, but so many places are picking up the pace to legalize it.

But the most important question then is, if it’s legal in so many places, is it legal where you live? And what kinds of CBD are allowed in your country of residence? These answers can vary too, if you live in the U.S., where each state has their own laws about the permissible limits to CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD is cannabidiol. It naturally occurs in marijuana and is also naturally non-intoxicating and non-additive, so it’s not habit forming at all! This means it doesn’t contain THC, which is the stuff that gets people high. There are some CBD products depending on the type you are looking at that do contain THC, but it’s at such little quantities that you reap the benefits of the stuff more than you’ll ever get high!

Speaking of, CBD comes with numerous benefits so depending on what problem you’re hoping to solve, any cannabidiol product you buy is sure to be a great alternative additive to your daily routine.

We always say CBD is pretty much legal everywhere too, which is the greatest thing about it. Because it’s not marijuana, loads and loads of states and countries are changing their laws regarding what’s allowed for consumption and what’s not. With this huge wave of positive and pro-cannabis sentiment globally, CBD is on the track to being legal literally everywhere – and hopefully soon!

So where is CBD legal and to what extent?

There are three ways we can look at CBD legality. The first is where it’s completely legal, the second is where you’d need a prescription for it, and the third being, of course, completely illegal. We mentioned before where you’re allowed to fly in and out of with CBD  and there we touched a bit on where CBD is legal.

So, let’s break it down!

Country CBD Hemp THC Limit (%) Cannabis Medical
Argentina Yes Yes Yes Yes
Australia Yes Yes Yes Yes
Austria Yes Yes 0.3 No N/A
Belgium No Yes Up to 3g N/A
Belize Yes Yes Up to 10g No
Bosnia and Herzegovina Yes Yes 0.2 No No
Brazil Yes No 0.2 No Yes
Bulgaria Yes Yes 0.2 No N/A
Canada Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chile Yes Yes Yes N/A
China No No 0 No No
Colombia Yes Yes Up to 22g No
Costa Rica Yes N/A N/A No N/A
Croatia Yes Yes 0.2 No N/A
Cyprus Yes Yes 0.2 No N/A
Czech Republic Yes Yes 0.3 Yes N/A
Denmark N/A N/A No Yes
Estonia Yes Yes 0.2 No N/A
Finland Yes Yes 0 No Yes
France Yes Yes 0.2 No N/A
Georgia Unclear Decriminalized N/A Decriminalized N/A
Germany Yes Yes 0.2 No N/A
Greece Yes Yes 0.2 No Yes
Guatemala Yes Yes N/A No N/A
Hong Kong Yes N/A N/A No N/A
Hungary Yes Yes 0.2 No N/A
Iceland N/A N/A N/A No N/A
India Unknown (possibly prohibited) Yes (with permission) Unknown State regulated N/A
Ireland Yes Yes 0 No Yes
Israel Yes (prescription needed) Yes N/A Partially decriminalized Yes
Italy Yes Yes 0.6 No Yes
Japan Yes Yes 0 No Yes
Latvia Yes Yes 0.2 No N/A
Lithuania Yes Yes 0.2 No N/A
Luxembourg Yes Yes Legalization in progress No N/A
Malta Yes (prescription needed) N/A No Yes
Mexico Yes No <1 Yes Yes
Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes
New Zealand Yes (prescription needed) N/A N/A No Yes
Northern Ireland Yes Yes 0.2 No N/A
Norway Yes (prescription needed) No 0 No N/A
Paraguay Yes Yes Up to 30g No
Peru Yes Yes Yes Yes
Poland Yes Yes 0.2 No Yes
Singapore No No (except 0% THC hemp oil) 0 No Yes (circumstantial)
Thailand Yes Yes 0.2 No Yes
United Kingdom Yes Yes (license to grow required) 0 No Yes
United States Yes (all 50) Yes 0.3 (state dependent) Yes (18 states and counting) Yes (36 states and counting)

And here’s another story you might be interested in considering that legalities always vary country by country.

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