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James Mackay

Are CBD and coffee a match made in heaven?


Coffee. A necessary part of your morning to start your day on the right foot.


More than 75% of Australians drink coffee. Brits consume about 2 cups per day, and 80% of Americans have java daily. With a world almost addicted to a cup of the black stuff, it’s no surprise that people love it and depend on it.


Problem is, for all its benefits, coffee is known to cause anxiety and can often leave you with an upset stomach. That’s more than enough to develop a toxic relationship with the stuff…


There’s plenty of good news, though! Coffee has numerous health benefits that will help protect you from heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. It even provides your body with the right amount of antioxidants to keep fighting free radicals that can harm your cells and accelerate aging and other types of ailments, like cataracts and cancer.


Question is, how can you get all the benefits of coffee, without worrying about the downsides?


How can we make coffee better for our bodies, hearts and minds?


Simply enough, the answer lies within a non-intoxicating naturally occurring chemical called CBD, which is short for cannabidiol.


It’s found in marijuana and has a plethora of incredible benefits that can not only improve your mind and body, but also your mood! There are a great number of helpful compounds found in marijuana, and this one is no exception.


The best part is that it’s perfect for just about anyone, comes in multiple forms, it’s legal almost everywhere, and it doesn’t leave you high. It’s almost like a miracle!


Why are CBD and coffee a great pair together? Because they compliment each other naturally!


Reduce Anxiety


While the smell of coffee naturally reduces anxiety, drinking it can sometimes leave you jittery – with your heart almost jumping out of your chest! CBD works well with coffee because ingesting CBD naturally reduces anxiety.


CBD has been used to treat a variety of different ailments, including anxiety, depression, and even PTSD and OCD. These distressing disorders and feelings of uneasiness rapidly and acutely increase heart rate and blood pressure.


Enter CBD, which greatly reduces these instant responses to heart rate and blood pressure, working to prevent unpredictable and increased anxiety responses. It even helps to modulate stress responses pre- and post-reaction! As the smell of coffee melts the stresses away, CBD tag teams to keep the worries at bay.


What a combo!


Sleep Better


CBD in your coffee can help you get much better sleep.


Why? Because it’s a great anxiety reducer. In fact, there have been multiple studies showing that CBD helps many people suffering from insomnia to get a better night’s sleep.


Cannabidiol naturally offsets stress in the body and mind by alleviating feelings of uneasiness and worry, so you can tuck yourself into bed more easily and peacefully.


Fight Illness


Think about the harmful effects of air pollution, cigarette smoke, X-rays, industrial chemicals and so much more. They’re known as free radicals, created to damage our cells and cause chronic health issues such as cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases, cataracts, and cancer.


We need antioxidants to help fight these free radicals so we can prevent our body from oxidizing their cells and promote their decomposition to keep us healthy (and young!).


Coffee is full of antioxidants that keep our bodies strong and keep diseases at bay. And, guess what? CBD is a natural antioxidant as well!


CBD is an anti-inflammatory, which means it prevents parts of our body (like our muscle tissue) from swelling and sending signals to our brain to feel pain. CBD fights free radicals by keeping us chilled, relaxed, and pain free.


Feel Healthier


CBD is touted as the miracle additive that can greatly improve your quality of life with its physiological, psychological, and emotional benefits. We say that’s 100% true!


When taken regularly with the right dosage, CBD can help muscles to rapidly recover from damage and stress, reduce the amount of seizures for epilepsy sufferers, limit pain for people with arthritis, and promote muscle regeneration for muscle dystrophy patients.


So, whether you’re looking to incorporate CBD in your coffee to relax, reduce pain or just get some better-quality shut eye, that next cup of java could be the best thing about your day!


Do you smell that?


It’s our favorite cup in the morning, with CBD of course. We thought we’d make it easy for you to find some of the best products for CBD infused caffeinated beverages.


  • Elev8hemp CBD Tea (Different Flavours)


Who could say no to that?


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