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Ooooh, who are they? They are looking RIGHT!


Isn’t that what everyone says about you? 😉


Sweat, maybe some blood, hopefully no tears – that’s the recipe for a great workout!


Planning the perfect workout takes a lot of… well… work (ba-dum-tss) – but finding the right post-exercise routine is just as important.


After all, isn’t the goal to look good and feel good? 😏


There are loads of options out there to create a flawless routine to give your body what it really needs, and these options often come with the same question: is there something natural I can use that’s effective and really takes care of not only my body but my mind, too?


You might just be a psychic ‘cus you just read our minds!


CBD is cannabidiol – you know, the stuff in the puff puff. Except it’s not really the stuff that gets you high (sorry to disappoint, Snoop). It’s a natural chemical component of marijuana that’s known to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.


Sounds pretty perfect for after exercise, right?


There’s tons and tons of physical, psychological, and biochemical benefits to using CBD in your post-workouts. And, what’s cool is that CBD comes in all sorts of shapes and forms so you can choose what you like best to incorporate it in your routine!


Talk about versatility. 😎


So, what are the benefits of using CBD in your post-workout?


We’re so glad you asked.


Relieve Muscle Soreness


Phew! This one’s got everyone in the gutter. You know the Jell-O legs after a hefty deadlift that have you moving around like a side character straight outta Funnybones? Yea, you do.


Kick those DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) to the curb! They’re not paying any rent!


CBD is perfect for evicting those nasty DOMS and helping with exercise induced muscle damage – both of which occur naturally during physical training due to microscopic tears to muscle fibers. We’re a lot more fragile than we think, huh?


CBD naturally reduces and relieves pain, body aches, and inflammation, whether ingested or applied topically. It’s also a more natural alternative to all that protein additive stuff like powders and shakes, too.


We’re not saying you’ll be 3000% after a crazy intense session (take it easy there, Tiger!), but you’ll feel lightyears better after using CBD than if you didn’t the next day!


No more walking side-to-side. Soon enough you’ll be sumo squatting your way to some sweet, sweet relief. Aaaah. 🧖


Improves Mobility


Well, well, if it isn’t our old friend, movement.


Age can be a huge factor in reducing mobility – and exercise can really push your body to its limits. That said, if you don’t take proper care of your body after exercising, you might end up tighter than your budget at the end of the month.


CBD is legit perfect for increasing and improving your mobility. This shmancy article from Frontiers In Neurologystates that CBD can be used to help people with MS who have reduced physical activity and functional mobility.


CBD is known to be anti-inflammatory, which is why it helps to relieve pain, but also antioxidative (mmm, no half-life for these cells! 🌱), antiemetic (this is a vomit-free zone 🙅🙅🙅), antipsychotic (ohm 🕉️🧘), and neuroprotective (it’s big brain time 🧠).


Sleeping Better Than Snorlax


Working out can cause all sorts of body strain and even mental stress. Worrying about the next routine or stressing that you might have pulled something can really keep you up at night.


Luckily, CBD is perfect for sleep, so you can kiss those insomniac thoughts goodbye!


Using just the right amount of CBD oil – about 25mg – has unparalleled effects in helping you catch those precious Zs. A 2019 study published in the Permanente Journal has proven that taking CBD oil improved the quality of sleep in 68% of strung out sleepers. That’s yuge!


Another study published by the National Library of Medicine from 2014 showed that CBD can actually help some sleep disorders. Yowza!


So… CBD is a great alternative addition to your post-workout routine that will keep you feeling lighter than a feather and fresher than a daisy.


By speeding up your recovery time and super-healing your body, you’ll be ready to head back to the gym – or the boardwalk (the beach… is that way 💪➡️🏖️) at your leisure. 😏


Look out, world! With CBD, there’s nothing stopping these beefcakes! 🔥🔥🔥


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