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How to Quit Smoking For Good With No Cravings

Do you know how to quit smoking cigarettes easily?


Quitting smoking is HARD. Actually, it’s pretty much impossible.


We all know this. If it were easy, you’d just do it, right? It’s not as if you haven’t been told a million times just how bad it is for you.


It’s not like you want to keep doing something that everyone knows will end up making you sick. It’s not like you wanna spend $100s every month on cigarettes. You’d LOVE to be free of your addiction. You smoke because you can’t help it.


Smoking’s your friend. It gets you through the toughest of days and gives you those perfect little moments of peace and sanity, even when everything else seems to be falling apart.


And yeah, those smoking breaks outside the bar are pretty fun too. No-one wants to be the loser stuck inside minding the drinks, right?


So why is CBD helpful when it comes to quitting?


And when we say off, we mean off. Once you’ve smoked or vaped CBD, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with cigarettes in the first place.


Maybe you’re thinking “I don’t need to get high. I just need a smoke”


CBD isn’t cannabis. It’s a close relative, but it’s not going to get you stoned. You won’t find yourself talking crazy stuff for hours, or throwing up in the bathroom after a whitey.


CBD contains just the tiniest amount of THC ‒ the chemical in cannabis that gives you the high (and the whiteys). It’s not enough to get you high or make you feel weird.


All that’ll happen is you’ll feel calmer and less anxious.


And isn’t that just what you want your cigarettes to do?

Why CBD is the best alternative to cigarettes there is


CBD does everything you’re looking for from cigarettes, without the addiction, the cost or the health damage.


CBD is actually known to help cure addiction to all kinds of drugs ‒ including cocaine, alcohol, and nicotine.


It also does a TON of good stuff. The stuff you want your cigarettes to do (but you know, they never really give you what you want, right?).


Why cigarettes are addictive and CBD isn’t


When you smoke a cigarette, you want to feel relaxed and happy. And you do, for a few minutes. But that feeling never lasts.


You just end up wanting another cigarette to try and chase that high. And that’s how you end up addicted.


CBD is different.


A CBD joint or vape will give that calm, mellow feeling you’re craving. Studies show it reduces anxiety and depression, relieves pain and helps you sleep, among other things.


D’you think any studies have shown that for cigarettes? Nope me either.


Does CBD help reduce smoking addiction?


The medical world is starting to realize just how important CBD could be in helping smokers quit.


This study in 2018 found that just one dose of CBD is enough to make smokers be less attracted to images of cigarettes. A group of addicted cigarette smokers were given CBD and then shown images of smoking. They rated the images as less appealing and pleasurable after the dose.


This 2013 study found that CBD could help smokers reduce their cigarette intake by 40% in a week of CBD. They were given a CBD inhaler and told to use it every time they felt like smoking, leading to a dramatic reduction in the number of cigarettes they smoked.


Why aren’t more people talking about how to quit smoking with CBD?


Governments, academics and pharma companies have traditionally been a little squeamish about research into CBD.


For them. CBD = cannabis and cannabis = BAD.


But those in the know always realized just how powerful CBD could be. After years of campaigning, the medical establishment is finally listening.


As well as helping smokers quit, CBD is good for pain relief and can help people with PTSD, stress, depression and anxiety.


Even the World Health Organization now says that CBD is safe and beneficial.


So what will happen if I switch from cigarettes to CBD?


Right now, you probably find it hard not to light up multiple times a day. When you’re a cigarette smoker, the cigarettes OWN you.


If you can’t get a smoke when you need one, you feel anxious, tetchy and unhappy.


Sure, that first cigarette when you’ve been stuck at work for eight hours feels great. But you know that feeling doesn’t last. With another cigarette, you might get it back for a minute, but that’s all.


CBD will make you feel relaxed and happy as soon as you smoke or vape it, and it’ll last you 2 or 3 hours. 


That’s 3 hours where you’ll have ALL the effects you want from a cigarette, but never actually get.


How to quit smoking cigarettes with CBD…forever!


When you have CBD, you won’t feel like you’ve given something up.


You won’t be pining for cigarettes.


You’ll have something way better to smoke.


That’s gotta be the ultimate win.


You’ll also find you don’t smoke anywhere near as often. CBD isn’t addictive, you’re not gonna get that urge to light up every hour that you get with cigarettes.


You’ll only want a CBD joint when you really want one. And you’ll enjoy every single one.


Should I smoke or vape CBD?


That’s up to you. Both are just as good at helping you quit smoking for good.


Smoking CBD joints is a bit more risky for your lungs than vaping, but it’s nothing like smoking cigarettes. Pure CBD joints are a natural smoke with none of the nasty additives you’ll find in your average Marlboro. It’s way safer than nicotine.


But, if you want to give your lungs a rest from any kind of smoke, vaping works just as well.


Take a look at these


You could try this CBD vape juice from CBD Oil (unflavored or in tasty fruit flavors for a really refreshing change).


Or these all-natural, hempflower pre-rolled CBD joints, from Royal Cheese.



Thousands of people have already quit smoking with CBD. You wanna join them?


If you’re not sure yet, no worries. Quitting smoking is tough. It’s hard to say goodbye.


Let us know your journey on quitting, and be sure to reach out to our team if you would like any help with setting up a session with a therapist!


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