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Stress… You’ve probably had it, we’ve definitely had it, and chances are so has everyone else at some stage or another. It almost seems like most human beings are stressed these days.


But did you know your pet can feel stress, too?


Yea way!


Your beloved life companion (and no, we’re not talking about your spouse) can feel stressed, just like us! We know your pets are part of the family – after all, they’re also people.


Does that mean your poochie pal can relieve some stress in the same ways we do? 🐶🐱🍁


Damn right they can!


So… how can you use CBD for your pets, and what does it do?


We’re so glad you asked.


CBD is short for cannabidiol. It’s all the good chemical compounds that help you chill out and feel good – without getting high. It can be useful for your four-legged friend to relieve stress and tension, and even help with PTSD. It’s also completely safe to use for your pet.


According to the American Kennel Club, CBD is a great alternative additive to help your pet with pain, stress, and can help prevent cancer.


CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and can be useful for cardiac benefits (❤️), anti-nausea effects (🤢🚫), appetite stimulation (😋🍽🥩), and its anti-anxiety impact (🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️).


What should I look for in choosing a CBD product for my furry friend?


What you wouldn’t take yourself, you wouldn’t give to your pet. They only deserve the best – they’re house royalty, first and foremost. 👑


  • Make sure you’re looking for some high quality products, organic at the very least. Non-organic products contain all sorts of nasty things like pesticides, fungicides, and solvents. Gross.


  • But, this means that the higher-quality the product, the pricier the product. You gotta spend some money to make some money, isn’t that what they say? 😉

More expensive products usually mean higher quality products, particularly when it comes to CBD. No snake oil here! 🙅🏾🐍


This means there’s no harmful additives that dilute the goodness in that lil bottle. Cheap stuff could have loads of toxic crap including heavy metals and herbicides, which is a huge no-no.


  • Show! Us! The! Receipts! Your CBD should have at least graduated and received their certificate of analysisthat tells you how much CBD is in the product. Most products contain very small amounts of CBD – and don’t forget to check that there’s no THC in that ish!


  • Gimme da oil! 🛢🛢🛢 Liquid CBD should be preferable to other forms of the thing because that means you can control just how much you’d like to add to your pet’s food and drink.


Alright, got it! So what products do you recommend?


Oh man, what else – nothing but the best!


Here’s a look at some of the best products we suggest to help your pet relax, feel better, or help in their health:


  • CBD Living Pet Dog Chew – Soft: 175mg, 35 Chews, 5mg each – 291g/ 10.3 oz
  • Formula Swiss – Pet CBD Oil in Olive Oil 3% (300mg) (0.2% THC)


Whaddya think? Pretty cool, huh?


We’re pretty sure your pet will be thanking you very soon.

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