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The Legal, Non-Prescription Alternative for Fast Relief.

Cannanda – Dog-Ease CB2 Terpene Blend is the physician-formulated, multi-award-winning product that is used as a legal alternative to CBD (cannabidiol), and can bring fast relief from pain, anxiety, and so much more.
Many dog owners try to find relief with CBD, the popular cannabis compound that has significant health benefits, but lacks the intoxicating effects of its sister compound, THC. Unfortunately, in Australia, CBD is only legally available by prescription.

In order to bring these benefits to a growing number of individuals through open distribution, Cannanda’s research and development has transformed the best-selling CB2 Wellness blend into a product for dogs. By harnessing the power of terpenes in this precisely formulated blend, we can optimize the function of your dog’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) through the activation of one of its main receptors, a receptor called cannabinoid receptor type 2 (CB2).



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Activating the CB2 Receptor

CB2 is one of the two main receptors of the ECS. There are numerous benefits to activating this receptor without activating the CB1 receptor (the receptor THC activates, and is responsible for the “high” associated with cannabis).


What is Canannda Dog-Ease?

Cannanda’s CB2 is a multi-award-winning, physician-formulated blend of terpenes, developed to target the CB2 receptors within the endocannabinoid system. Terpenes are naturally-occurring compounds found in most plants, including cannabis and hemp. Unlike THC and other cannabinoids, however, CB2TM terpenes do not produce the intoxicating “high” commonly associated with cannabis, and therefore, is non-toxic for your dog, at suggested usage rates. This is because this terpene blend was developed to specifically target CB2 receptors (responsible for many of the health benefits associated with cannabis use) without activating CB1 receptors (responsible for the intoxication associated with cannabis).


Cannanda’s proprietary CB2 terpene blend (100% natural terpenes extracted from botanical sources).

Contains NO: animal by-products, wheat/gluten, dairy/lactose, soy, corn, sugar, GMO, articial flavours or colours.

How to use

Dogs : Use 1 drop for every 10 kl of body weight. Mix into food just prior to consuming. May be used topically for targeted local relief.

Cats: Since cats metabolize terpenes much slower than humans, dogs, or horses, we only recommend using this blend with an aromatherapy diffuser. Place a couple drops in your ultrasonic diffuser like you would with any essential oil and place close by your cat.


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