Low-GI Hemp Protein Hot Chocolate


  • Full of protein and nutrients
  • Easy to make
  • Sustainably grown in Australia
  • Great for diabetics and ketogenics

Wake up in the morning or wind down at night with a Hemp Hot Chocolate. Rich in protein, fibre and amino acids, Hello Hemp’s Low-GI Hemp drink will be perfect for you and your family’s daily life!

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250 Grams


• GENUINELY GOOD FOR YOU! There’s no added or refined sugar whatsoever. The only sugars occur naturally in the hemp protein and cocoa/matcha. These are great for diabetics, ketogenic diets, and people looking to reduce their carbohydrate intake and lose weight. Good to get kids off their sugar highs too!

• EASY TO MAKE, DELICIOUS AND LUXURIOUS. Health doesn’t need to be hard, boring or taste bad! These are full of healthy natural fats, dietary fibre to improve the health of your gut, and protein your body repair itself.

• REALLY VERSATILE! Use these to make smoothies, breakfast bowls, pancakes, doughnuts, cakes and more! Your imagination is the limit! Check our website as we add new recipes all the time.

• SUSTAINABLY-GROWN AUSTRALIAN HEMP. We make sure we only source our hemp seed protein from a reputable supplier in Victoria (Geelong). The hemp is grown in Victoria and Tasmania, and is cold-pressed to make sure all the nutrients and the rich nutty flavour is preserved.


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