Hemp Kombucha Starter Kit



Looking for the next DIY project? Why not brew your own flavours and quantities with our Hemp Kombucha home brew kits.

A fun, easy and a cost-effective way to make Hemp Kombucha in your very own home.

Makes 20 litres of Hemp Oz Kombucha (60 servings).

Organic Loose Leaf Tea: Best blend for the finest tasting kombucha
Organic Cane Sugar: Scoby eats this and turns it into the healing tonic
Scoby: this guy does all the work to create the magic
pH strips: to test the pH level – you want it tasting just right
Instructions: so you know how to do it of course!
Hemp Oil: the magic ingredient to shake it up for optimum health and taste

Note: Fruit and bottles are not included.

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