Love CBD Double Strength Entourage Capsules



• 30 and 60 Capsules
• 600mg of CBD per Bottle of 30 Capsules
• 1200mg of CBD per Bottle of 60 Capsules
• 20mg of CBD per Capsule
• Vegetable Capsules – No Gelatin
• Made with Size 2 HPMC Vegetable Capsules – No Gelatin
• Made with Broad Spectrum Cannabis

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Additional information

Milligrams CBD





There are only four ingredients in the Entourage Oil Capsules:
• Cannabis Extract
• Coconut Oil
• Beeswax (to prevent the capsule leaking)
• Terpenes

Keep it simple, keep it natural: that’s our philosophy.
And we would hate to ruin the natural goodness of our product with weird chemical flavourings and unnecessary ingredients.


We use coconut oil in our capsules alongside cannabis extract. We chose coconut oil as an ingredient because it’s considered excellent at improving the absorption of CBD in the stomach. This means that more CBD should get into your bloodstream when taken in capsule form.

CBD is fat soluble so it’s necessary to take fat with it – without the fat most of the CBD will be flushed through our system and never get into our bloodstream.

Coconut oil is widely thought to be the very best type of fat for this purpose.

how to use

Take 1 capsule daily for the first 3 days, ideally with food. Gradually increase as needed.

Our cannabis is grown on farms that do not use pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals.

The Entourage Capsules are Lactose Friendly.

Love CBD Entourage Capsules is a food supplement.


Coconut Oil, Cannabis Extracts, Beeswax, Terpenes, Vegetable Capsule


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