Provacan CBD Isolate

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  • CBD isolate powder sourced from quality hemp
  • Drug test friendly
  • Laboratory-tested / cannabinoid content verified
  • Designed for high milligram CBD content

Provacan’s CBD Isolate is sourced from quality hemp and contains 0% THC – perfect for athletes, law enforcement and those who require drug tests at work. This powder is designed for high miligram CBD content which can be consumed in any format!

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The Best CBD Isolate from Provacan

CBD isolate is an increasingly popular way to use CBD. It’s often purer than other forms, and contains nothing but CBD. As a result, isolate users never have to worry about the presence of THC in their product.

Our Provacan CBD isolates are perfect for everyday use. They are potent and pure, and are ideal for adding to other consumption methods for an extra CBD boost. For example, many users infuse a desired amount of CBD isolate into an oil or e-liquid; in this way, they can fully customise their daily CBD regimen in a way that best suits their personal needs.

Remember, when it comes to CBD isolate, just a little goes a long way. So please use it responsibly.

Buy CBD Isolate

There are lots of brands selling CBD isolate, but not all products are made equal. It’s vital to find a product that is reputable and safe to use, which means shopping with the highest quality, most trusted brands. Here at Provacan, we always aim to pass the utmost quality onto the customer.

Before purchasing, it’s imperative to view the certificates of analysis. Brands should test their products – or, rather, have them tested by a third party – and publish the results. Lab reports verify the cannabinoid content and lack of THC, and also verify that there are no toxins or unwanted chemicals present.

Provacan CBD Isolate

Provacan CBD isolate is some of the finest quality you will find for sale. Utilising research-backed information and resources from years of experience in the field, we constantly work to improve our products so that our customers benefit from the utmost quality.

Our team sources all our hemp from organic farms in the EU, ensuring that our isolate is safe and free from chemical pesticides. Lastly, we use a clean extraction method to produce the best quality – and we offer verified lab tests so you can see this for yourself.

CBD Isolate: Additional Things to Note

In the UK, CBD products must contain 0.2% THC and come from hemp. At Provacan, we are committed to following current guidelines and ensuring our products are up to date.

The CBD isolate, as a pure product, contains no THC whatsoever. As a result, you can feel safe and secure with every purchase.


Pure isolated CBD powder

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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21.06.29_ISO270819B_Provacan 1g CBD Isolate


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