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  • Perfect for horses that weigh over 100Kg
  • Sleep and pain management
  • Easy to consume
  • Improve mood

Naturecan’s CBD oil for horses has natural anti-inflammatory properties and proven effects on mood, sleep and pain control for your horse. This tincture is the perfect choice for those who have horses that experience difficulty due to stress, anxiety or pain.

Coming in at 30% CBD oil (3000mg CBD) and 40  % CBD oil (4000mg CBD), our  CBD oils for horses combine only high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) with MCT carrier oil, offering a safe and convenient way to improve the quality of life of your horse to improve the horse. The CBD oil is heavily dosed and is suitable not only for  horses  but also for pets that weigh over 100 kg.

A drop  of 30% CBD oil contains 12.5 mg  and a drop of 40% CBD oil contains 16.67 mg of CBD .  A 10ml bottle contains 240 drops and lasts around 120-240 days with daily use of 1-2 drops . A 30ml bottle contains 720 drops and lasts approximately 360-720 days with daily use of 1-2 drops We recommend the 30% CBD oil for horses under 500kg and the 40% CBD oil for horses over 500kg

, as the dosage is then easier to manage and adjust. Since 4 drops of the 30% oil contains just as much CBD as 3 drops of the 40% oil (50mg CBD), you can’t go wrong with either strength! We always recommend starting with a small dosage of CBD oil for horses and only if you don’t see any noticeable effects after 5 days, you can slowly increase the dosage for your horse.

Thanks to extensive testing by independent laboratories, we can guarantee that our CBD  is completely safe  for your  horse and contains no heavy metals, pesticides or other harmful toxins – it is only made from 100% natural ingredients and is also made without THC . With natural anti-inflammatory properties 1 and

With proven effects on mood, sleep and pain control2 ,  CBD is a perfect choice for many types of problems in horses – from problems in aging animals to animals struggling with loud noises or those who are at home alone, for example.

In addition, the CBD oil for horses also has an effect on the sensation of pain. The pain receptors in the brain are blocked by the CBD, so the animals can no longer feel the pain without  being exposed to the side effects of medication. Oils are the ideal way to let your horse benefit from CBD

Is CBD For Horses?

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system that constantly works in the body to maintain a natural balance, which in turn keeps a number of essential psychological and physiological functions working effectively.

horse type Weight Daily trope count
horse 30% Mini – yearling 150kg – 250kg 10
Cob-pony 250kg – 400kg 16
Big horse 40% average horse 400kg – 550kg 18
plus size 550kg – 750kg 24

* If additional support is needed, increase dosage by 3 – 8 drops after 3 days.

* Can be administered as a daily dose or divided evenly between morning and evening.

* The included syringe allows for easy oral or sublingual administration

The easiest way to administer it sublingually is to turn in the same direction as your horse and hold his head with one hand while lifting his lip with your thumb.

With the other hand, gently insert the included syringe into the horse’s mouth (which will likely cause the horse to lick and chew) and take this opportunity to inject the oil into the space under the tongue.

For ease of use, we include a syringe with all of our CBD pet oils.

Alternatively, the oil can also be administered orally before eating or mixed with the feed. Depending on your horse’s weight, you can choose between our 30% or 40% CBD oil. If your horse weighs over 400kg, we recommend the 40% CBD oil.

  • Broad Spectrum CBD Oil
  • MCT carrier oil
nutritional values CBD per drop CBD per bottle %NRV


spectrum CBD

16.67 mg 4000 mg N / A


spectrum CBD

12.5 mg 3000 mg N / A


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