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  • Promotes entourage effect
  • All natural ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Encourages relaxation

Join the Tribe and try their Relaxations Gummies! Each raspberry CBD Gummy provides a 10mg serving of CBD to optimize your well-being and encourage relaxation.

Tribe CBD gummies are made with all-natural ingredients such as watermelon juice and vegan-friendly pectin. The sweetener used in their low sugar formula is a small amount of organic glucose syrup. Tribe gummies do not contain any artificial ingredients or dyes. The purpose of this product is three fold, and they all tie in with relaxation:

Promote Relief:

When you need to comfort your body and relieve your joints, there is nothing like a dose of Tribe to the rescue.

Promote Calmness:

Difficulty managing everyday stresses? Settle your mind and calm yourself with Tribe.

Achieve full Sleep:

When counting sheep turns into knitting socks, a little Tribe helps you enjoy a night of tranquility to wake up refreshed.

Take one gummy daily. Simply chew and enjoy. Increase dosage accordingly to your needs.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Watermelon Extract, Purified Water, Pectin, Baking Soda, Citric Acid (As a preservative), Organic Glucose Syrup, MCT Oil, Natural Flavouring, Natural Coloring


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GMO free
Animal cruelty free
Approved COA
3rd party lab tested
Gluten free
THC free

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