Orange County CBD 1ml Disposable Vape Pen 600mg, 300 Puffs


  • 10 Irresistible E Liquid Flavours

  • Pre-Filled For Ease

  • Vaping On The Go

  • Small But Powerful – 600mg

  • Broad Spectrum CBD
  • 300 Puffs

Our disposable CBD vape pens let us bring our flawless CBD vapes to more people than ever before. Giving you 300 puffs in every pen, this vape is the perfect way to try this powerful CBD dosing method for yourself.

Straightforward to use and incredibly effective thanks to its broad-spectrum CBD content, this energising vape pen makes it easier than ever to vape your troubles away.

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Fancy an irresistible CBD vaping experience? Our Mimosa disposable CBD vape pen is the classiest way to get your hit of CBD. Made with our award-winning broad-spectrum CBD and designed to emulate that classic Mimosa flavour, this is one of the most delicious vapes we offer.

If you’ve been looking for a truly indulgent vaping experience, our Mimosa CBD disposable vape pen is your answer.

Packed with terpenes derived naturally from the Mimosa strain, the delicious taste of this vape is incredibly authentic.


Do you want the most authentic Lemonade vaping experience possible? Our CBD disposable vape pens have you covered. Lemonade takes the recognisable flavours of this famous strain and pairs it with our award-winning CBD, giving you a zesty and powerful CBD vape.

Our Lemonade CBD disposable vape pen is the perfect way to get a delicious CBD experience that packs a serious punch.

We’ve infused this vape with terpenes extracted naturally from the Lemonade strain, giving it that distinct and instantly recognisable flavour.

Strawberry Kush:

Looking for an authentic CBD vaping experience that can’t be beat? Our Strawberry Kush disposable CBD vape pen is perfect for you. Pairing the unmistakable taste of this famous strain with our award-winning CBD, this incredible vape is the ideal way to get a euphoric CBD experience.

Our Strawberry Kush CBD disposable vape pen is ideal for indulging in a delicious CBD vaping experience.

Using terpenes extracted from this famous strain, the distinctive flavour of Strawberry Kush comes through in full force.


Do you want your CBD vape to come with a delicious dessert taste? That’s where Gelato comes in. Our Gelato disposable CBD vape pen is the ultimate answer in sweet and creamy CBD vaping. Matching the authentic flavour of this famous strain with our incredible broad-spectrum CBD, it’s no wonder that this is one of our most popular CBD vapes.

Our Gelato CBD disposable vape pen finds the perfect balance between authentic flavour and a powerful CBD experience.

When it comes to a deliciously sweet vaping flavour, Gelato cannot be beaten. Using terpenes extracted from this famous strain, every last note of its sweet and creamy taste comes through.

Mango Haze:

Looking for that perfect combination of energising CBD with a fruity hit. Then our Mango Haze disposable CBD vape pen is your answer. Known worldwide for its mouthwatering flavour and uplifting impact, our recreation of this famous strain brings you the very best in CBD vaping. With our disposable pens you can see for yourself just how irresistible Mango Haze truly is.

Our Mango Haze disposable CBD vape pen perfectly balances the authentic taste of this strain with the impactful hit of our award-winning CBD. Coming in a compact and easy to use device, this is the perfect way to expand your CBD vaping experience.

Mango Haze is formulated using a mix of organic terpenes. Extracted alongside our CBD, these compounds create the authentic and complex flavour that has made Mango Haze so famous.

Wedding Cake:

Do you hear wedding bells? Say “I do” with the authentic flavours of our Wedding Cake disposable CBD vape pen! Known for its distinct sweetness and its euphoric effects, this world-famous strain is perfectly emulated in our disposable CBD vape pens. This dream pairing is sure to bring you into a honeymoon that never ends.

We’ve perfectly balanced the distinct taste of Wedding Cake with our award-winning CBD, bringing you a CBD vaping experience that will make even the dreariest days feel like the time of your life.

Loaded into our compact and powerful disposable CBD vape pens, it couldn’t be easier to enjoy this delicious vape juice wherever you might be. Discreet, delicious and guaranteed to give you an impactful buzz, these are the absolute best choice in casual CBD vaping.

Banana Kush:

Need a fruity kick to your CBD vaping experience? Banana Kush is the perfect answer. Made with natural flavourings and our award-winning CBD, our Banana Kush disposable CBD vape pen pairs the great taste of this famous strain with a powerful CBD hit. This is the final word in authentic CBD vaping.

Banana Kush is our take on bringing this classic strain to the CBD vaping world. Bursting with flavour and packed with our award-winning CBD, this is as close to the authentic experience as you can get.

We use naturally sourced terpenes to recreate the unique taste of Banana Kush. These compounds, extracted alongside our CBD, give our disposable CBD vape pens a flavour that just can’t be matched.


Want to taste to strain-bow? Our Zittlez disposable CBD vape pen will take you there. Emulating one of the California’s most famous strains, the sweet flavours of this vape make it the perfect choice for an indulgent CBD hit. Made with the highest quality CBD, Zittlez is sure to give you a powerful and relaxing hit.

Zittlez is a world famous strain, so we went the extra mile to recreate it perfectly. Each of our Zittlez CBD disposable vape pens is the perfect blend of this classic flavour and a powerful CBD experience.

We used naturally occurring terpenes to create that authentic Zittlez taste. Extracted alongside our award-winning CBD, these organic compounds give Zittlez its unrivalled flavour.

Blueberry Muffin:

Is your CBD vaping experience lacking in authentic flavour? Then you need a little more Blueberry Muffin in your life. The classic confectionary taste of our Blueberry Muffin disposable CBD vape pens brings you all the flavours of this world-famous strain. Paired with our award-winning CBD, this fantastic vape will leave your mouth watering.

For truly stand-out vaping experience, our Blueberry Muffin disposable CBD vape pens just cannot be beaten. Recreating this delicious strain in the form of an easy-to-use vape lets us provide you with the most indulgent CBD vaping experience possible.

Our Blueberry Muffin disposable CBD vape pen was made using naturally occurring terpenes. These organic compounds add that extra authentic flavour to perfectly recreate the Blueberry Muffin experience.

Alien OG:

Alien OG hits a key balance between an authentic taste and a high quality CBD experience.

We use organic terpenes to give Alien OG that perfect flavour. Extracted alongside the CBD itself, these naturally occurring compounds give our vapes a truly authentic taste.


Broad Spectrum Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol (600mg per 1ml), Natural Terpenes.


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