CBD Topical Salve- CBD Luxe

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  • ¬†Ideal for athletes
  • ¬†Heating formula for pre-workout
  • Cooling formula for post workout recovery
  • Immediate activation

Whether it’s fire or ice, CBD Luxe’s Topical Salve has something in store for you! Use the BE FIRE immediately before a workout and apply the BE COOL right after! Feel the benefits of Fire and Ice!

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Milligrams CBD



28 Grams, 56 Grams


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Be Fire 

Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Xu Duan (Dipsaci Radix), Dang Gui, Mu Gua, Chuan Niu Xi, Chi Shao, Su Mu (Sappan Lignum), Mo Yao Sheng, Ru Xiang Sheng, Du Huo, Rou Gui (Cinnamomi Cortex), Gan Jiang, Qiang Huo, Bai Zhi, Jiang Ban Xia, Hua Jiao, Organic Beeswax, Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Sweet Ginger Essential Oil, Non-GMO Vitamin E Oil, Capsicum Extract, Tian Nan Xing

Be Ice

Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Da Huang, Huang Qin, Huang Bai, Pu Gong Ying, Shan Zhi Zi, Hong Hua, Yan Hu Suo (Corydalis Rhizoma), Tian Nan Xing, Bai Zhi, Lu Lu Tong, Organic Beeswax, Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, Camphor Essential Oil, Hemp Extract (BSHO), Non-GMO Vitamin E Oil


CBD LUXE has embraced the ancient art of Chinese Herbal Medicine and combined it with the efficacious Phytocannabinoids of the Hemp Plant. Dominant in CBD and rich in other hemp based cannabinoids, CBD LUXE utilizes Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil (BSHO) and a proprietary blend of Chinese Herbs to create one of the most potent and effective therapeutic topicals available.

When combined with CBD, the benefits of these herbs go even further. This is why CBD LUXE has embraced these time-tested ingredients as the perfect addition to our premium CBD. In addition to our proprietary herbal formula, each 1oz. jar contains 500mg CBD, while the 2oz. jar contains 1,000mg of CBD.


Certificate Of Analysis (COA)

CBD Luxe- BE ICE CBD Topical Salve – 500 mg

CBD Luxe- BE ICE CBD Topical Salve – 1000 mg

CBD Luxe- BE FIRE CBD Topical Salve – 500 mg

CBD Luxe- BE FIRE CBD Topical Salve – 1000 mg


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