August 6, 2022
Clear up your confusion and discover the differences between the main types of CBD.

While browsing CBD products, you wouldn’t be the first to see something labeled as an isolate, full spectrum, or broad spectrum and feel confused. And more often than not, there isn’t really anything describing the difference, or what each one does.

Getting into the world of cannabidiols, it may feel like there’s no real handbook for this type of stuff. What is it? Where does it come from? What type is it? What’s the best way to use it? …Almost to the point where the questions seem never-ending!

Well, worry not! The answers to some of these questions are here. We’ll be tackling the differences between the three main types of CBD.

But first, what is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol and luckily for us, it’s the naturally occurring, non-intoxicating substance found in marijuana that’s legal just about everywhere! It’s quite potent and comes in various different forms – all of which you can try and choose which you like best yourself – and the number of benefits is countless!

It’s used for a great deal of things like digestion, sleep and insomnia, muscle regeneration, post-workout smoothies, mental health and wellbeing, and even some disorders like OCD, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Why you choose to use it is up to you.

So what are the three main types of CBD again?

The three main types of CBD are CBD isolate, full spectrum, and broad spectrum.

Simply, CBD isolate is CBD in its purest form and contains no other forms of cannabis. It’s the most refined product and goes through much more processing.

Full spectrum CBD contains multiple marijuana plant extracts like terpenes, essential oils, and of course, cannabidiol. It may also contain THC, which gives you that “high” feeling, but it’s never enough to actually intoxicate anyone.

Broad spectrum CBD contains the same or similar ingredients to full spectrum but does not include THC.

CBD Isolate

This might be the best thing a first- CBD user could try. It’s so refined, you might not even be able to pick up on the taste or smell of the product. It has no THC, so you won’t get high at all, but comes with fewer health benefits than full spectrum CBD.

By comparison, full spectrum CBD products tend to be more effective the higher the dosage of the product; however, products with CBD isolates do offer benefits, though after a specific dosage.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD contains just about all cannabis compounds, which is thought to be more potent than CBD isolate. This does contain THC, though at incredibly low quantities, usually less than 0.3%, but that number can increase throughout the manufacturing process as the THC converts into a concentrate.

As a result, full spectrum, as we’ve mentioned, can be a bit more effective in dealing with certain problem areas. These issues include pain, sleep, and anxiety, but also can be very great as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

A 2018 study found that full spectrum CBD is more effective for pain than CBD isolate, due to the combined mixture of THC and CBD.

Broad Spectrum CBD


Broad spectrum is the THC-free cousin of full spectrum CBD. It contains the same additional cannabis plant compounds, but, usually without the little extra something. Broad spectrum CBD tends to be a bit more effective than CBD isolate but not as much as full spectrum.

So, which to choose?

That’s entirely up to you! Like we said, CBD isolate might be a great place to start for newbies, as it can be easier to transition CBD into your daily routine that way – you know, without the worry of “what are these additives,” “there’s some THC in this, will this get me high” and all. The short answer is that with us, you’ll know what the additives are and you can rest assured you’ll be safe – and you definitely won’t get high!

Here are some of our favourite products that feature all three different types of CBD!


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