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Best Buds was founded to become the world’s leading marketplace for hemp and CBD. Our mission is to provide you with easy access to vetted products from reputable brands that follow our guidelines on quality, safety, and ethical sourcing. When we are not busy filling your orders, we educate the masses, preach the CBD gospel to legislators and work on dismantling bad cannabis laws! 

A couple of years back, the CBD market place exploded, and it shows no signs of slowing down. As a brand founded by long time supporters of medical marijuana and hemp, we are proud to guide you through this industry in a legal and compliant manner! As consumer and users of CBD products, we are aware of the issues this rapid growth can cause.

How many times have you decided to not order a CBD product because you…

… didn’t know if the brand behind it was legit?

… had no idea how the product was made?

… didn’t have enough information to pull the trigger?

Once? Twice? Dozens of times?

Every time you didn’t order because you couldn’t get a satisfactory answer to one of the above questions, YOU WERE RIGHT!

Ordering CBD is not like buying a new pair of shoes. It’s not like ordering Christmas lights on an unreliable website, and it definitely isn’t like giving that dodgy-looking burger joint down the street a chance because you have the munchies!

To find high quality CBD products in this oversaturated market, you need a trusted guide. You need someone you can rely on to hand pick the brands that are worthy of your trust, your money, and most importantly for your mental and physical wellbeing. You need someone who puts you first.


That someone is….


We’ve got your back 🙂

And your front. And your best interests at heart.
Here at Best Buds, we are CBD consumers first, CBD connoisseurs second and a CBD marketplace third. We partner with the best of the best to make sure that you get the best of the best!

When you shop with Best Buds, you get:

  • An expert marinated in CBD knowledge – We know CBD inside out. Go ahead, ask us anything! Latest CBD studies? Latest industry trends? Latest breakthrough CBD products? We told you we got it all covered. We put that knowledge to work when vetting new products. There’s no way that a non-ethically sourced product or a product with a file CoA (certificate of analysis) can get past us and end up in your shopping cart.

Read more about us right here, and you’ll learn what makes us Best Buds.

  • Product research – done for you –  Before we list a CBD product, we make sure we know everything there is to. know about it. Who makes it? Where? Using which technologies? Only those brands that can satisfy our high quality standards can hope for a cozy place on the Best Buds marketplace.
  • Easy access to different CBD products –  While it’s difficult for shoddy players to make it past our defences, we make sure to stock all major CBD brands and a variety of products. On Best Buds , you’ll find everything from CBD capsules and tinctures to CBD dog treats and massage gels. And they’re all just a click away from being shipped right to your doorstep!
  • A hassle-free shopping experience –  You get everything you need to decide if a brand’s captured your heart or not right there on the product page. Our product descriptions are packed with up-to-date information that’s been verified by third parties. So this way you can easily compare prices between brands without wasting hours rummaging around.
  • CBD products that suit you to a tee – Want your CBD to be kosher or halal? You’ll find it here. Or maybe you need to be vegan? Again, we’ve got you covered! We partner with brands that reflect our own values, so all our CBD products are made from 100% legal industrial hemp, and no animals were harmed in making them.
  • Lightning-fast shipping – We have partnered with warehouses around the world, so you’re not waiting on your products for months. Once you place your order, we will check in with our nearest fulfilment centre to make sure everything is on its way as soon as possible for you. Shipping is free for order more than $200, however, this is also dependent on your location (apologies to our Buds in Antarctica), but you can always check by visiting your cart.
  • Discounts, rewards and bonuses galore –  It tickles us to reward our buds. If you order often, you can expect a surprise from your Best Bud! Partnering up with various groups and associations means that you will be given regular discounts e.g. if you are a vet, student or product influencer.
  • THE BUDZONE – Of course, all of our customer are special to us! You will still have access to our monthly Budzone review! Every month, we select 10 CBD or Hemp products that we think you will like. These products will be heavily discounted, and all you have to do is leave a review! How dope is that! The Budzone will soon become a community forum where people will share their stories on CBD and Hemp and how it has helped their journey!
  • Knowledge, because knowledge is power – Part of the reason the CBD marker is saturated with snake oil salesmen is that consumers don’t know much about CBD yet. Well, we are doing our part to spread the good word! Our blog is chock-full of thoroughly researched articles, science backed CBD resources written and edited in the most. digestible format. It’s quite challenging reading through Harvard Medical Review case studies, so we have simplified it for you! 

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making the world a fitter, healthier, and happier place. One ecstatic CBD customer at a time.
Only the best CBD products. And only the Best Buds level of service.

Having issues with your order? Not sure what you need? Or you want to partner with us? Our team is standing by, fired up, and ready to help. Click below to check out Best Buds support options (email, chat or phone), and pick the one that works best for you.

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