Can I Use CBD At Work?

October 3, 2022
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The best CBD products that will slot right into your busy life - both inside and outside of work.

How can CBD blend seamlessly into your life and more importantly, can I use CBD at work?


Don’t stress! Here are the best CBD products that will slot right into your busy life – both inside and outside of work. And here is why you can use CBD at work (if you are a white collar worker).


Trying out a new health product can be nerve-wracking (and sometimes confusing!) Changing up your routine, especially one that’s worked for what feels like forever, can make anyone feel hesitant – and picking the right products to fit with your lifestyle is even harder.


Will it work? Is it worth it? Will it fit into my schedule? How about at work?


Well, with CBD, the answer will always be ‘yes!’ Yes, it will work. Yes, it’s worth it. Yes, it will fit into your schedule – personally and professionally.


We know that there are plenty of CBD products out there that can be a bit shady or weird, and it’s our job to make sure that what you’re getting is only the best of the best.

We understand that different people need different remedies. What someone might need working in construction is likely to be different from what someone might need working in IT.

Truth is, both need the extra help and support to stay positive, refreshed, and healthy. It’s just about finding the right CBD solution based on your specific requirements.

CBD For Those Who Work at a Desk: Can I Use CBD At Work?

Working at a desk might not be the most physical work, but it can still have an impact on your body. Even if you’re just pushing paper and pencils, there are plenty of issues you can run into while you’re at your workstation.

Stress and anxiety. Stomach pains from coffee. Aching necks and sore backs. The reality is, desk jobs aren’t as easy on your body as they might look. Even if you don’t notice the pain, your body sure as shoot does!

So, it’s just as important for the 9-5ers to take care of their bodies and their brains. And we say that CBD is a great way to give them the TLC they really need.

Here are some of our favorites we think would work amazingly for any office or desk worker:

CBD water that keeps you hydrated

CBD gummies as a nice afternoon snack

Products for Sleep

CBD For Those Who Work With Their Hands: Can I Use CBD At A Worksite?

Being a tradesperson can be incredibly rewarding work. Nothing beats seeing the fruits of your labour come to life in front of your eyes – all because of your hard graft! Getting something done and watching others enjoy what you’ve created is a sweet feeling.

But it’s not all good news… If you’re on your feet most of the day, chances are your whole body feels it. Physical labour can be tiring and demanding – so ensuring you’re taking care of your mind and your body is crucial.

It’s no surprise if you feel exhausted when you get home. So how about a little CBD to give you that little bit of extra support? Best part is, you don’t have to change anything about your current routine or working schedule. With that being said, if you are a blue collar worker using heavy machinery, it would be best to use the product after, once you get home.

With CBD, you can say goodbye to pain, sore muscles, insomnia, and anxiety. There shouldn’t be room for any of that in your everyday life – and with some of our favourites, there won’t be:

Muscle recovery with CBD

Stay refreshed with CBD water

CBD gummies for body aches and stress

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