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Best Buds was born in Australia, but we are an international family with no borders! We welcome all, and cater to anyone who is interested in CBD & Hemp products and especially to those who want to learn more. Our companies come from all walks of life, so there is definitely going to be something for you on our platform!

It’s one thing selling products, but it’s another thing to help educate. We strongly advocate this on Best Buds. Although we will never make any medical claims, we will always aim to provide you with new information arising in the medical landscape. Moreover, we will always advocate opening up a line of communication with your medical practitioner to at least see if CBD is the right fit for you!

An oomph for smart & healthy lifestyle choices

You can count on us to bring it every single time. The oomph. The chutzpah. The passion about all things hemp and CBD.

For us, CBD is the game-changer. It’s what will make traditional, outdated pharmaceuticals a thing of the past. And it’s what will give us – every one of us – an opportunity to live our best lives.

At Best Buds, we work hard to bring you the best CBD products. Products from hemp and CBD brands that are at the top of their game. and deliver relief and wellbeing in every small bottle or cream. Those brands are Best Buds vetted and certified. And it’s their products that will help you to transform your life. To be happier. Healthier. Safer.

Whadda you say — or we Best Buds or what?

A drive for making CBD shopping easy

Shopping for quality CBD is driving you crazy?

Hundreds of brands. Thousands of choices. And only your gut to rely on when making a decision.

Best Buds has your back. When you choose us, we snap our fingers, and the uncertainty is gone. We partner with awesome and innovative CBD brands. But, we make them jump through (certification) hoops every couple of months. They need to prove they are first in class. That’s because we want to make sure that you’re always getting the best possible CBD product.

Even if you’re just peeking around Best Buds, we want you to have a great, no BS experience. And if you decide to shop with us, it will NEVER be a soulless, robotic transaction. Our support team is there to help. Our delivery is lightning fast. And you’re covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Sounds good to you?

An oomph for smart & healthy lifestyle choices

A vision for a better future – the Bost Buds future

Like you, we refuse to settle for seconds. We drift away to sleep every night imagining a world where everyone is fit, healthy, and happy.

We’re not living in that world… yet.

That’s why we’ve made CBD education our top priority by

  • working with doctors to eradicate the stigma attached to hemp/ CBD products;
  • thoroughly researching and writing about CBD topics and developments; and
  • helping patients realize that Best Buds CBD products should be thee at choice.
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