October 28, 2022
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CBD Topicals Are Taking Over Massage & Physiotherapy Centres - Here’s Why

CBD Topicals are Taking the Massage & Therapy Industry by Storm – The Happiest Ending

In just a few years, CBD (cannabidiol) wooshed from a relatively unknown cannabinoid to your grandma’s favorite cure-all. This non-psychoactive hemp-derived compound is now being added to everything from chocolate cookies to suppositories (don’t ask). So is it really any wonder that we’re seeing CBD massage oils and various CBD pain creams inundating the market? Not really. CBD topicals are the zeitgeist. But should you be smearing them all over your massage clients? And will your clients benefit from CBD treatment? We asked a physiotherapist who built a steady business with CBD topicals.

People will pay for some weird-ass massages.

Like the Philippines python massage. Or the Chinese flame massage. Or my personal favorite, the Thai baby elephant massage. Ah, 3-ton elephants. Massaging people. By stepping on them.

I’m over the moon about CBD topicals and CBD-infused pain relief gels. Sure, they’re not as exotic as baby Dumbo crushing your spine, but they get results.


  • my clients love me for it — CBD massage creams work for their sore muscles, body aches, spasms, and bouts of inflammation. Single.Time.
  • my skin loves me for it — it’s all soft and shi!t, but its days of being too supple and too sensitive are long gone.
  • and my nose LOVES me for it — my olfactory nerves are finally getting the lavender and patchouli break they’ve been begging me for.

CBD was a game-changer for me. And I, like you, was surprised that it took me that long to discover that CBD gels and creams can make such a big difference in physiotherapy.

What IS CBD (& Why Are You Just Hearing About It Now?)

Blame your government for not giving you the proper information! Well, not your government specifically. More like all the governments. But overall, it comes down to a lack of education, and the war on drugs.


Because hemp is a variety of Cannabis Sativa.

And when most (government) people hear cannabis, they think it’s the bane of society.

I almost choked when he asked: “Wait, CBD is not the same as THC?”

What is Cannabidiol
Here’s the difference between CBD and THC. SIMPLE RIGHT!

So it was ban-city for hemp for quite some time (80 long years in both Australia and the USA).

This ban effectively put a corker into a lot of cannabis-related research. It took us years and years to find out that hemp (like all cannabis plants) contains cannabinoids. Like cannabigerol (CBG). Or cannabichromene (CBC). Or the mind-blowing cannabidiol (CBD). These cannabinoids are not psychoactive; you can’t overdose on them; they won’t make you all loopy and dazed. That’s just tetrahydrocannabinol (thanks, THC, for ruining it for everyone).

We didn’t know any of this two decades ago. Heck, I didn’t know it five years ago. But you know it now.

Hemp and CBD research is still in flux and playing catch-up with CBDs commercial explosion. But there are plenty of studies out there that (cautiously) predict that CBD topicals have a bright future when it comes to the reduction of inflammation, pain relief, and muscle relaxation.

Here’s a quick (and plain-speak) overview of three of those studies.

Effects & Benefits of Using CBD Topicals


Look, I’m no Sheldon Cooper (and I’m guessing you’re not, either) so I’m not gonna talk about nociceptive sensitization, proinflammatory cytokines, or activation of CB2 receptors. (Are those even real words and who the hell uses them?)

Instead, I’ll run what I learned about the effects of CBD topicals in massage therapy through my NO-BS filter™, and give you the simple version.

Here’s what we know about CBD massage oil effects right now:

  • Topical CBD reduces joint swelling and may relieve joint pain. A 2016 study on arthritic rats found significant clinical improvements in pain levels for rats treated with CBD (systemically and topically). Yeah, I know — you’re no rat. (I hope?) However, rat and human endocannabinoid systems are similar, so this is still a relevant study.
  • CBD-infused gels may help ease the severity of osteoarthritis-related joint pain. A 2017 study by Zynerba Pharmaceuticals found that the application of 250mg of topical CBD helped reduce the intensity of pain in patients with this degenerative joint disease.
  • CBD massage creams and ointments can help with various skin conditions. A 2106 Clinical Therapeutics study found that CBD-rich creams can do wonders for mitigating the symptoms of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. Oh, and got any ugly scars? This study also found that cutaneous scars heal up much faster when treated with topical CBD.

Why do my clients like CBD?

Let’s put science aside for a bit as not everything is easily and immediately quantifiable (for example, I know that drinking beer in the morning cures a hangover, but I can’t find any studies supporting that).

I’ve been working with CBD gels and creams for a couple of years now. A quick scan of my calendar shows it’s full of repeat clients.


Because they leave their CBD therapy sessions feeling great. They consistently email me to tell me how they can do things now that they couldn’t do before because of the pain…  headstands… summersaults… or bending over to pick up the keys. They notice their muscle or no longer inflamed, spasmatic, and achy. They’re no stiffs when they walk out of their therapy sesh, and they can move without excruciating pain. CBD works for them.

What CBD Massage Oil Should I Use?


It’s important to always check with your doctor to see if CBD massage oils are right for you.

What I will tell you is that you should definitely give CBD gels, CBD creams, and CBD massage oils some thought. But which ones? That’s gonna depend on your business, your budget, and your clients.

There are some great and affordable topical CBD options out there. The only thing that you need to look out for is that they have an up-to-date certificate of analysis (it’s an exploding market, and snake oil salesmen are in it to make a quick buck).

Here are our personal faviourates that we offer our clients whenever they want the full CBD treatment.

Whatever you choose, remember this — CBD is not a panacea. However, your clients will sure as hell think it is after a few treatments. Hemp topicals transformed my therapy business. They transformed my clients. They made me the most sought-after physiotherapist in a 100-km radius. And they can do the same for you.

Pssst, Wanna Check Out CBD Topicals from BestBuds?

Hey, you might not be ready and rearin’ to pull the plug on this or that CBD topical. That’s cool. You’re free to mull it over, do your research, and check-in with your therapy clients. Talk to them and see how they feel about CBD massage treatment.

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