July 25, 2022
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Find out how you can feel more focused by adding CBD to your daily cup of coffee.
How can CBD coffee help you stay focused?

Practically the whole world is dependent on coffee.

A cup of the black stuff is so good that even the smell of it can wake anyone up and leave them in a better mood. Holding a mug o’ Joe is enough to make you feel productive and focused.

Even better… Did you know the smell of coffee has anti-anxiety properties?

That’s not surprising considering the effect it has on so many people. Whether it’s spicy, sweet or floral – that coffee aroma comes jam-packed full of benefits and instantly energizes your stressed, sleep-induced brain the moment you take a sniff.

But… What if there was a way to go one step further? What if there was a way to stay even more focused and alert during the day, just by adding one extra ingredient to your regular cup of coffee?

That’s where CBD comes in!

Coffee already does a pretty good job of keeping us alert and in the zone, especially when it comes to that stressful day at work – but it works even better when mixed with CBD.


Well, CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is the naturally occurring non-intoxicating chemical found in marijuana. It is free of THC, which is the stuff that gets you high, so it makes CBD perfect for daily use for just about everybody.

CBD comes in multiple forms from oils to powders, it’s legal almost everywhere, and has countless benefits psychologically and physiologically.

So… How can CBD coffee make you more focused than your everyday coffee?


It Relaxes Your Mind & Body


CBD is very well known for being a great alternative additive to help deal with anxiety and depression. A regular cup of coffee might stir your insides from upsetting your stomach to giving you endless and incessant anxious thoughts and CBD is here to help with that.

Research has shown that CBD has been effective in treating various stress disorders, ranging from anxiety, depression, OCD, and PTSD, all of which acutely increase heart rate and blood pressure. Coffee naturally increases heart rate and blood pressure, which very well cause the well-known jitters that can be hard to control. CBD can help to reduce the impact of this on blood pressure levels for people who are more prone to experiencing high stress states or reactions, both before and after stressful reactions.

This means that CBD helps to calm people before a stress response even occurs, numbing the jittering caffeine process almost immediately.

A calmer mind is a more focused mind. You’ll be able to stay more alert and in the zone than you would should you have taken your daily java without CBD.

It Helps You Sleep Better

A huge part of maintaining your focus comes from being well-rested.

We know that CBD has a whole load of benefits, including helping people with insomnia sleep better at night. While coffee brings you up, it also has to bring you back down  – and managing the caffeine crash can be very difficult (sometimes impossible, right?)

Mixing CBD with your coffee helps you avoid the caffeine crash and all the anxiety it can bring. It works hand-in-hand with caffeine to keep your mind alert yet relaxed. You’ll be able to gently fall asleep – leaving you in prime shape to tackle the day ahead.

It Uses The Power of Antioxidants

With the way we’ve built the world, we need antioxidants to counteract all of the dangerous fumes we’re exposed to everyday. Whether it’s the ozone, air pollution, cigarette smoke or industrial chemicals – antioxidants protect us from the harmful effects of exposure.

Both coffee and CBD are full of antioxidants to protect us from free radicals that can cause our bodies’ cells to rapidly decay, which means we start aging quicker and also become more at risk to other illnesses as well.

How does this tie in with CBD coffee making you more alert? Well, the more of your daily dose of vitamins and minerals that you get, the more your body can function properly!

We need antioxidants to keep us going – and knowing that we’re staying healthy is just another step forward in keeping us stress-free and, believe it or not, pain-free as well!

CBD is also naturally anti-inflammatory, so it alleviates pain and swelling wherever you might feel it – including your brain! Knowing you’re ingesting only good things and keeping your body safe eases a lot of anxiety and can help you sit down at your desk and be more productive.

Want to focus without the coffee?

Don’t worry, you can check out our FOCUS range if you are not interested in the caffeine side of things and prefer to keep it green!

It might just give you a reason to hop out of bed in the morning!

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